Auto recycling for salvage yards

auto recycler

Bring them in, get them on blocks; get the parts out the door. You’ve been processing salvaged cars at your yard for years, and you’ve learned a thing or two in your time. We’ve learned a thing or two about handling scrap metal in ours. We’ve spent our careers sorting, valuing and managing an array of metals, including cars.

When you manage your salvage yard, you have to get the most for the cars you’ve bought, so you know the value of every part on every car in your yard. We know the value of the metal that’s left on your cars once your customers have picked them clean of all useful parts. You’ve got valuable commodities sitting on your blocks, and we give you the most competitive prices for them.

A good auto recycler uses smart logistics to keep costs down

Our secret? Location, location, location – and a deep business relationship with the metal mill next door. Because we sell our recycled auto materials to a mill so close by, we save thousands of dollars in transportation costs. You get to enjoy those savings in the highly competitive prices we pay for your cars. Our unique logistics setup allows us to accept cars that still contain tires and other parts – saving you time and money processing your cars. When you multiply those savings out over an entire salvage yard, the dollars quickly add up.

But our logistics go beyond the price. We provide a steady flow of gondolas and roll-off boxes so you always have a place for any scrap metal you generate on your yard. And our site supervisors are always available, 24-7, so if you have a sudden influx of cars on your lot and you need scrap metal gone yesterday, our trucks are ready.

We have deep experience working with salvage yards, and we have a comprehensive scrap management solution ready for you. Click below to request a free scrap management consultation.

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