Demolition recycling for contractors in the St. Louis area

demolition recycling

What do you see when you walk onto a job site? A building to demolish, a schedule with tight deadlines, a group of demolition workers who need a manager? Whatever the answer may be, you’re focused on what you do best – demolishing buildings on schedule and on budget. But who sees the scrap metal elephant under the rebar? We do.

We create and execute a meticulous plan to manage every scrap metal detail at each stage of a demo job, and we provide the highest quality service possible. Our experienced account managers and site supervisors regularly visit your job site to assess and properly sort your demolition waste. At Alton Materials, we take pride in efficiently removing scrap from your job site so you never have to wait on us or worry about scrap metal slowing down your demolition project.

Demolition recycling pays off

Not only do we provide the best service on your job site, we also offer you the best price for scrap metal. We can keep our transportation costs to a minimum because we’re located across the street from one of our biggest business partners – Alton Steel. So instead of transporting scrap across the country or exporting it to the world, we sell local and pay you top-tier prices for your scrap metal.

Because we’re so proud of what we pay, we offer transparent pricing right here on our website – while many other yards don’t even quote prices over the phone. Our scales are certified by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and we have thorough accountability systems set in place, so you know you’re always getting the right price for your scrap.

We’re a professional, trustworthy scrap metal contractor, and our demolition recycling services can help your demolition crew finish its job on schedule and on budget. If you’re 10 miles down the road or even 100 miles away, we can pick up and remove your scrap metal. Click below to request a free demolition recycling assessment for your job site.

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