Industrial recycling for companies in the St. Louis area

industrial recycling

At Alton Materials, we’re experts in recycling industrial scrap metal waste. We’ve been sorting and management scrap metal for industrial companies since 2001, but we know that expertise isn’t enough. We know you need an open line of communication, timely and excellent service and a reliable scrap metal partner.

That’s why we’re flexible, and our site supervisors are on-call and available to you 24-7. You need a truck early in the morning to pick up scrap from your warehouse? We’re there. You need a scrap metal plan for the next phase of your manufacturing plant refurbishment? We’re on it. When you’re managing a warehouse or a manufacturing plant, you have a schedule to stick to and a job to get done. The last thing you want to worry about is being saddled with scrap metal waste that gets in your way. And that’s where we come in.

Custom industrial recycling

We craft tailored scrap management plans to suit your company’s needs at any point in time. At the beginning of a plant refurbishment, when you need your scrap metal picked up three times per day, we have trucks immediately available. When you generate less scrap toward the end of a factory overhaul, we keep your scrap management costs down.

At Alton Materials, our crews have all the tools and expertise they need to quickly dispose of your unique accumulation of scrap metal. Whether you need roll-off boxes and gondolas or a full-service scrap metal crew with torches and equipment, we have a scrap metal solution for you. The best part, we always pay you a competitive price for your scrap metal. Click below to request a free industrial recycling assessment for your business.

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