Don’t throw away your scrap. Take it to a leading metal recycler and reap the benefits.

scrap metal brokering

Construction and demolition projects can create an incredible amount of scrap in a hurry. If your company is simply paying someone to remove it off your job site and dispose it, you could be losing a valuable resource for boosting profitability.

Instead of just throwing your scrap away, contact Alton Materials for total scrap management. We’ll collect and transport the scrap metal you produce from your job site or facility just like a hauler, but Alton Materials goes a step further. We’ll also take the time to use our strong partnerships with steel mills all over North America to leverage a great price. When all is said and done, you’ll not only get rid of your scrap problem, but you’ll receive the fairest value we can offer in the form of a nice check for your materials. We’ll even hand you an easy-to-understand invoice that shows you in the most transparent way possible how we came to that price. That’s how committed we are to getting you the most for the scrap you recycle through us.

Don’t let someone drive off with a truckload of potential profit for your construction, demolition, or rail company. Contact an Alton Materials representative to receive the most value from all of the scrap metal you’ve been generating.

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