Sorting scrap adds value to your materials piece-by-piece

scrap metal sorting

Scrap sorting is one of the quickest ways you can boost the value of your scrap materials. Trouble is, if you’re trying to run a business or manage a construction project, you may not have the time or manpower to sort the scrap in an effective, efficient manner. That’s where Alton Materials can help.

Alton Materials has all of the skill necessary to sort through the largest mountains of scrap metal, identifying types and quality along the way to ensure you’ll get the most money for the material when it’s sold. We’ll even bundle it and transport it away for brokering, leaving your work facility or job site cleaner and your bottom line better off.

It’s easy to talk to an Alton Materials representative about what scrap sorting can do for your construction, demolition, or rail company. Just contact us through our website, email or phone, and we’ll get started making sense of your scrap.

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