You know what they say: any job worth doing is worth doing right.

For Alton Materials, that doesn’t simply mean collecting, recycling, and brokering your scrap metal. It means making sure each and every employee and customer remains safe and secure from the moment they set foot on a job site to when they return home for the day. That’s why we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines and industry certifications available.


Alton Materials is committed to promoting and providing a safe, healthy environment for our customers and our employees at all times. Through constant training and self-evaluation on the latest guidelines and industry standards, we are extremely proactive in how we address the safety of everyone who comes to any one of our three locations.

All employees go through a rigorous screening and training process before being allowed to work. They must also wear a mandatory uniform that consists of:

  • Safety glasses
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Gloves
  • Hard hats
  • High visibility work gear


Alton Materials is proud to say we have been certified by and are members of the following:

e-RAILSAFE Certified

Each one of our employees wears the e-RAILSAFE ID Badge. This lets everyone know that they have been properly screened and have completed all of the required safety and security awareness tests the premier Workforce Safety and Security Management program provides for Class 1 Railroads. Click here for more information about the program.

ISRI Membership

Alton Materials is a proud member of The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), a nonprofit trade association that represents all public and private scrap recycling companies. As an ISRI member, we follow the ISRI Safety Manual guidelines on proper equipment use and maintenance, the correct loading and unloading of trailers, scrap yard safety, and accurate material sorting. Click here to learn more about the ISRI.

Qualsafe Solutions

In an effort to keep our workplace a safe one for all of our employees at all of our locations, Alton Materials has partnered with Qualsafe Solutions to perform safety audits on a quarterly basis. Qualsafe Solutions also ensures that our employees are well-educated in all OSHA guidelines and regulations. You can find out more about what this means to our commitment to safety by clicking here.

Illinois Scale Certification

All of our scales have been certified and approved by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to ensure accuracy.