Scrap metal recycling for St. Louis businesses and contractors

We’re not just a scrap yard; we’re a full-service scrap management team, and our crews have close to 20 years of experience managing scrap metal on job sites. Whether you need gondolas and roll-off boxes or a torch crew and scrap metal pick up, we’ve got you covered. We pay competitive prices for scrap metal, partnering with a variety of businesses to manage their scrap materials and maximize their scrap metal profits.


Construction scrap metal

We work side-by-side with contractors on job sites to keep scrap metal under control. We’re experts in managing job-site scrap metal. Whether you need gondolas and roll-off boxes or full-blown torch crews, we’ve got you covered with our construction recycling services. Learn more


Demolition scrap metal

We’re proud to partner with demolition companies and manage scrap metal for demolition jobs. Our pricing is top-tier, and our service is unequaled. Whether you need scrap hauled away or you just need a scrap metal buyer, we’re dedicated business partners. Learn more


Industrial scrap metal

We partner directly with manufacturing companies to remove scrap metal from factory floors and warehouses, and we pay top dollar for your scrap. At Alton Materials, our site supervisors are available 24-7, so we can always take care of your scrap metal needs. Learn more

auto recycler

Auto salvage scrap metal buyers

Selling your yard’s salvage cars for their scrap value has never been so easy. We process cars with all four tires still on them and offer you a great price without a tangled mess of deductions and hassles. And we pay you top dollar for your salvage cars. Learn more

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