Scrap metal removal for Ameren: A case study

Big jobs need big solutions. And we deliver. Our track record of work with companies and contractors on big jobs proves it. We have deep experience handling a variety of metal materials big and small, and our crews have the knowledge, skills and tools to tackle any job. Ameren came to us with a big… Read more

Recycling farm scrap metal for money

The harvest is finally here. That time of year when you’re rewarded for all of your hard work. As a farmer, you’ve scrapped all season for your harvest, but your harvest wouldn’t be complete without some scrap – metal that is. Your farm is stocked with scrap metal items, and since you’re already selling truckloads of… Read more

Scrapping a car at Alton Materials

Of all manufactured products recycled in America today, automobiles are the number one item on that list. Recycling cars puts nearly 12 million tons of steel back into the supply chain and helps reduce energy consumption and pollution in a number of ways. It can also help put some extra money in your pocket if… Read more

Announcing Alton Materials’ bike donation program

Your old bicycle can be recycled into a lot of things once you’ve brought it in to Alton Materials. Sometimes, though, the best thing your bicycle can become is someone else’s bicycle. That’s why Alton Materials has a program dedicated to donating children’s and adult bikes that we receive, at our Alton location, to the… Read more

Raising scrap value through mill-direct pricing

We like to think there are many advantages to selling your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal to Alton Materials, like our exceptional customer assistance, value-added services and transparent pricing, to name a few. One advantage we have over other scrap recyclers that always seems to get overlooked can be found almost right across the street. Being… Read more

What can be recycled? Common summer items that can make you money

Ah, summertime. It’s the perfect time to relax beside a pool, grill up some food with family and friends, and visit… your local scrap metal recycler? That’s right. Summer might mainly be about vacations and water slides, but it’s also a great time to take stock of the potential scrap metals you may have on… Read more

Three myths about construction recycling services

At the start of every construction, renovation or demolition project, there comes a time where hiring an industrial scrap metal recycling service should be considered. Unfortunately, some project managers allow old ideas about the scrap industry to sway their decisions. The longer they hold on to that way of thinking, the more they miss out on… Read more