Construction waste recycling for contractors in the St. Louis area

construction recycling

Simplicity is elegance. It’s easy to get lost in today’s jungle of complex choices, and scrap metal is no different. With hundreds of varieties of metals used in construction, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, lump all of your construction waste together, and miss out on getting the best price.

But, at Alton Materials, we make selling your construction scrap metal as easy as picking up a phone. We respect your time and your peace of mind. That’s why we manage every aspect of job-site construction recycling with the same care and craftsmanship you put into constructing buildings.

We have 20 years of experience sorting, assessing and managing scrap metal from job sites, and we know how to handle the flow of construction waste throughout the course of a project. When you’re starting out and you need scrap metal removed three times per day, we have our trucks picking it up pronto. When you’re close to finishing a job and you’re generating less scrap metal, we keep your scrap management costs to a minimum. We pay you highly competitive prices for your scrap, and we efficiently haul construction waste out of your way so you can focus on what you do best – constructing world-class buildings for your clients.

Construction recycling made easy

We’re flexible, and we’re always available – 24-7. That’s right. If you ever have a situation on your job site that requires some timely, extra help from us, you can rest easy knowing our site supervisors and account managers are only a phone call away – no business hours or call-waiting here.

Whether you need us to place gondolas and roll-off boxes on your job site or send a full-service torch crew to cut up your most unmanageable metal, we’re well equipped to handle the job. Best of all, we offer competitive, transparent prices for your construction scrap metal. In fact, where other scrap yards don’t, we offer transparent pricing right on our website because we’re so proud of our pricing standards.

If you’re 10 miles down the road or even 100 miles away, we can pick up and remove your scrap metal. Click here to see how we helped contractors construct bridges on schedule.

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