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Simplify Your Scrap Management

scrap management assessment

Your business or job-site may produce a wide variety of scrap metal that can bolster your bottom line. Don’t waste it by throwing it away or routinely selling it for cents on the dollar. At Alton Materials, we’re experts in sorting and valuing scrap metal, and we offer free scrap management assessments to businesses and work sites.

Our business and job-site services provide you:

  • Scrap tracking so you know how much scrap metal you’re generating
  • Scrap-metal collection tailored to your business needs
  • Scrap management to improve your workflow and keep you on schedule
  • Scrap-metal brokering with competitive, transparent pricing that raises your bottom line

Say goodbye to your scrap management problems. Fill out our contact form, and we’ll set up a consultation with you as soon as possible.

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