Announcing Alton Materials’ bike donation program

bicycle recycling and donations

Your old bicycle can be recycled into a lot of things once you’ve brought it in to Alton Materials. Sometimes, though, the best thing your bicycle can become is someone else’s bicycle. That’s why Alton Materials has a program dedicated to donating children’s and adult bikes that we receive, at our Alton location, to the Community Hope Center in Cottage Hills.

Even if the bicycle you bring in is a little beat up or missing a chain, Alton Materials will be glad to take it off your hands and put it into those of someone who needs it. We’ll handle any cleaning up or small repairs necessary before dropping it off so that it’s ready to ride.

If you’ve got an old bicycle that doesn’t get used much anymore, consider bringing it in to our headquarters in Alton, Illinois. Recycling is only one of many ways we can improve both our environment and the community. Through these donations to the Hope Center, Alton Materials is working to make our area a brighter place, two wheels at a time.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc