Exploring E-recycling: Alton Materials attends the 2013 ISRI Convention & Exposition


Electronics recycling, or e-recycling, is quickly becoming one of the most sought after services people are looking for when it comes to responsible waste management. Old televisions, computers, cell phones and other electronic items make up one of the fastest growing waste streams in the country, and many companies are trying to address the need to recycle them in a way that benefits both the communities who want the service and the waste and recycling industry.

But while e-recycling is the latest trend, it means nothing to our customers if it isn’t done in an effective manner that benefits the community. It is with that in mind that Alton Materials’ CEO Miles Lynch visited the 2013 ISRI Convention and Exposition.

Shaking hands and sharing stories

There’s no better way of gaining new knowledge about e-recycling programs than asking those who have already added one to their scrap business, and that’s just what we did. With over five thousand industry professions representing all fifty states as well as more than 45 countries in attendance, the ISRI convention was a great opportunity for us to bend the ears of our peers and see what challenges they’re facing. We gained insight in which practices work, which don’t, and how these programs can be a great boon for the communities they serve.

Miles was also able to attend several dinners and lunches focused on educating everyone on new trends while also giving everyone a chance to tell their own recycling industry stories. It’s exciting to hear about the positive impact on local economies and environments some e-recycling programs are having straight from the people offering those services.

A little education never hurt anyone

Roaming the exhibition hall, taking in all of the new products and latest recycling technologies, it’s easy to feel a lot of pride in how far recycling has come in recent years. Miles had a good look at the many pieces of e-recycling equipment that were on display, from pulverizers to disassembly machines, and found out a great deal on how they make the e-recycling process more efficient.

Various seminars given throughout the course of the convention helped answer many of the questions we had about e-scrap. We learned a lot about donation programs, tips for educating our customers on how to reduce their electronic waste, and what steps we can take in keeping some of the more toxic materials associated with it out of our landfills.

The future of recycling

Five days at the ISRI convention were barely enough to scratch the surface on this exciting new trend in scrap recycling. Thanks to Miles, however, Alton Materials is now better prepared to explore e-recycling than ever before.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about e-recycling with Alton Materials in the near future. Watch this space or click below and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on how we’re helping the business of recycling evolve.

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