Three myths about construction recycling services

At the start of every construction, renovation or demolition project, there comes a time where hiring an industrial scrap metal recycling service should be considered. Unfortunately, some project managers allow old ideas about the scrap industry to sway their decisions. The longer they hold on to that way of thinking, the more they miss out on the benefits these services can provide.

Scrap metal

Let’s take a look at some of the myths associated with industrial scrap metal recycling and uncover the truths that prove them wrong.

Myth 1: Scrap contractors can’t be trusted to do a good job

We aren’t saying there aren’t a few bad apples on the scrap industry tree. There are more than a few horror stories of unscrupulous scrap yards paying out far too little for their customer’s metal materials or offering a dismal grade of service that made work frustratingly difficult. It’s for that reason that the scrap industry gets a bad rap among some construction or demolition companies.

However, many scrap metal contractors are working hard to turn around these awful reputations to create a more vibrant and respected industry of professionals dedicated to customer needs. These contractors are partnering with their clients and local communities to do what’s fair for all parties involved by offering transparent, easy-to-understand pricing and swift, reliable service every step of the way, from collection to brokerage.

It’s important to not allow an ever-shrinking group of poorly run scrap metal recyclers ruin your view of the industry as a whole. A little research can go a long way in separating the gold-standard service providers from the tin.

Myth 2: Scrap management will slow down work site productivity

You’ve got a crew of fine employees who know what they’re doing and when to do it. So why bring in a contractor who could potentially slow down the smooth workflow you work so hard to maintain?

A professional scrap metal management contractor will do whatever it takes to keep out of a client’s way. That’s why it’s important to find a recycler who will strive to work with your current process. Discussing process and scheduling with your contractor will allow them to determine the best methods needed to collect, sort, and transport your scrap materials before even stepping foot on the job site.

Partnering with the right scrap metal recycler means never having to worry about delays to your tight work schedule. You may even see an increase in productivity with the chore of scrap management in the hands of a knowledgeable scrap service provider.

Myth 3: Scrap metal management isn’t worth the cost

No one wants to break the bank on a construction or demolition project. In fact, some are tightly budgeted for that very reason. Anything that could bring additional costs to the project – like bringing in a contractor – can be quickly dismissed in the name of being fiscally responsible. Some companies would rather throw any and all waste generated without giving a single thought to its potential value.

Hiring a scrap metal management contractor, however, can be one of the best decisions concerning the costs of the project. With just a simple site assessment, a quality scrap metal manager can provide a client with a breakdown of all appropriate services needed as well as what kinds of scrap they’ll be generating. That way, the customer knows how much they can expect to spend and receive once the scrap metal is brokered. You might find that the scrap metal service not only pays for itself, but also brings some additional cash to your company.

It also pays to consider what not having to deal with your project’s scrap materials could mean to your overall success. By removing scrap management from your agenda and allowing a contractor to do it, you’re giving yourself more time to focus on other aspects of the job at hand, which could make your company much more effective.

Just the facts

FACT: Industrial scrap metal recycling services can improve the way a construction or demolition company does business. Working with a trustworthy scrap metal management contractor can increase both productivity and profitability on project after project. For further proof, contact us with any myths, stereotypes, or concerns you have about scrap management. We’ll be happy to bust any myths you might have heard.

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